Recruiting Recap: Six days and counting…..

Updated: January 29, 2015
(Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press Photo)

Mike Weber, RB – Weber has been very quiet as of late despite the speculation he may flip back to Michigan and de-commit from Ohio State.  WTKA and GBW’s Sam Webb spotted Weber having a meal with Jim Harbaugh and Thomas Wilcher on Wednesday, which would count at Weber’s in-home visit by Harbaugh.  Assistant Coach Tyrone Wheatley, Sr has maintained contact with Weber and the two have a close relationship.  Is this enough to get Weber back in the fold?  No one knows for sure and Weber has tweeted comments indicating his stress and uncertainty on what he will do.  There is no question he is considering a return to Michigan’s 2015 recruiting class but it is by far a lock.  I think it may be safe to say as of this writing Weber himself does not know what he will do.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 50%.

Darius Adams, CB – Current Rutgers commit will be visiting Ann Arbor this weekend and many feel Michigan has a strong chance to flip him.  Adams has not hidden his admiration for the Wolverines and though he recently reaffirmed his Rutgers commitment he also added in the statement “for now.”  I think Michigan gets him in the end.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 50.1%

Chris Clark, TE – Clark took his official visit to UCLA last weekend and has not hidden his infatuation for the weather and lifestyle of southern california.  Clark has continued to tweet this week hinting towards a UCLA commitment but also tweeted a photo with Jim Harbaugh from his in-home visit on Wednesday as well, wearing a Michigan shirt.  This is definitely a two-team race and no one is certain which direction he will go.  I am continuing with my stance that in the end Clark will be a UCLA Bruin on signing day.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 49.9%

Chris Williamson, CB/WR – Enjoyed a terrific visit to Michigan and has publicly stated he was overwhelmed.  North Carolina is thought to be his leader but the Wolverines have a legitimate shot to land Williamson.  He will be taking an official visit to Florida this weekend and they are very much in the picture.  I still believe it will be hard to pull him out of the south and believe he eventually lands at North Carolina or Florida.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 49.9%

Jake Pickard, DE/TE – Once thought to be a strong candidate to de-commit from Wisconsin and join the Michigan family, some things have changed this week and the feeling surrounding the Pickard recruitment has cooled.  Does Michigan still want Pickard?  Yes. Will he leave Wisconsin?  Every day it’s looking more and more unlikely.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 49.9%

Matt Snyder, TE – Snyder was in Ann Arbor last weekend and by all accounts the visit went well.  The problem for Michigan is the strong relationship Snyder has with new Nebraska coach Mike Riley.  Snyder originally committed to Riley at Oregon State and de-committed when he took the Nebraska job.  Will he de-commit from a second school and leave Riley for Michigan?  From what I am hearing, it’s highly unlikely.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 25%

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr, TE/DE – Visited Michigan this week and was spotted at the basketball game at Crisler Center when the Wolverines hosted Nebraska.  Maurice Ways was his player host and from what I have heard the visit went very well.  There is little Wheatley doesn’t know about Michigan as a legacy recruit.  Is that, along with his father enough to gain his commitment? Probably not.  It’s not a done deal nor is it impossible but it’s highly unlikely he selects Michigan in the end.  Alabama, USC and UCLA are the favorites to land TJ and though he could surprise many and choose Michigan on signing day, it’s highly unlikely. Percentage he selects Michigan – 25%.

Titus Booker, RB/CB – Current Wisconsin commit received an offer from Michigan this weekend and will take a visit this weekend to Ann Arbor.  The Wolverines may have a legitimate shot with Booker as they are recruiting him as a running back.  They are late to the party with Booker but there is still a chance.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 25%

Roquan Smith, LB – Visiting UCLA this weekend.  Per Chad Simmons, Scout South Regional Manager – he is not afraid to leave Georgia.  He has visited Texas A&M and they are in their top five however the top three appear to be UCLA, Michigan and Georgia.  With that being said it appears as if he will still end up at Georgia. Percentage he selects Michigan – 10%.

Deontay Burnett, WR – Burnett just received his offer from Michigan this week and immediately scheduled a visit for this weekend.  He also received a phone call from Washington State head coach Mike Leach to remind him of why Burnett committed to the Cougars.  He will take the visit and I’m sure Burnett will enjoy himself but in the end I don’t see him ending up in the maize-n-blue.  Burnett has even publicly commented on his strong desire to play in the Washington State offense. Percentage he selects Michigan – 10%

Van Jefferson, WR – Son of former NFL WR and coach, Shawn Jefferson.  Lived in Detroit area until junior year in high school and then relocated to Tennessee.  Jefferson is a four-star receiver and is currently committed to Ole Miss.  He will take an official visit to Michigan this weekend and though it’s a long-shot, the Wolverines have an opportunity to make some headway with Jefferson.  Do they have enough time to win him over and leave Ole Miss and the SEC?  Probably not.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 10%

Iman Marshall, CB – Jim Harbaugh paid a visit to Marshall’s school this week for his in-home visit and it enabled his father to get to know Harbaugh and the coaches.  From all accounts the visit went extremely well and you have to be impressed how much ground the Michigan coaching staff has made up with Marshall in such a short period of time.  However, he is taking his final official visit to Oregon this weekend.  Regardless of how much Marshall has been impressed by Michigan and the coaches he will not say no to USC.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 1%.

Damon Arnette, CB – This ship appears to have sailed.  Arnette will be in Columbus this weekend and the Buckeyes are putting the full-court press on him.  Arnette has also recently stated South Carolina is his leader.  I think Michigan ends up third in this race.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 1%

Ryan Davis, WR – He is likely to end up at Florida State or Florida.  I would be shocked if he left the state.  His brother played at Florida State and the Gators are making a strong push.  He never did visit Michigan.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 0%.

Auden Tate, WR – Another Florida kid that is highly regarded and a major target of the Michigan coaching staff.  Tate took his visit to Michigan during the season and has always had Michigan high on his list.  He’s a big receiver with a huge upside and would be a major addition to the Wolverine offense.  Tate is currently committed to Florida State and I do not see him decommitting from the Seminoles.  Percentage he selects Michigan – 0%.


Better than 50%

Darius Adams, CB



Mike Weber, RB


25% – 50%

Chris Clark, TE

Chris Williamson, CB/WR

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr, TE/DE

Jake Pickard, DE/TE

Matt Snyder, TE

Titus Booker, RB


Less than 25%

Auden Tate, WR

Chris Davis, WR

Iman Marshall, CB

Roquan Smith, LB

Damon Arnette, CB

Van Jefferson, WR

Deontay Burnett, WR

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